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The Amsterdam Seed Center is a decade old CBD supply firm, and it aims to source the best cannabis seeds online. It claims to offer high-quality seeds from the most popular seed banks under one roof. The firm also has a collection of high quality and the best variety of CBD-products. In accessories, the brand offers grinders, vaporizers, Sativa® bags, various smoking accessories, smart products, marijuana-books, clothing, and many more.

Why Choose Amsterdam Seed Center?

Amsterdam Seed Center makes it easy to choose products by keeping a collection of high-quality seeds from over 40 seedbanks with more than 30 years of experience in offering more than 1500 varieties of CBD seeds under that same roof. This vast range makes the consumer select the right seed for their needs. Barney's Farm, Buddha Seeds, BC Bud Depot, Cali Connection, CBD Crew, Cannabiogen, Devil's Harvest, Dinafem, DNA Genetics, Emerald Triangle, Dutch Passion, Eva Seeds, etc. are among its CBD seeds offers.


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Cannabis Seeds

Amsterdam Seed Center has hundreds of different species of seeds, altogether available from different offerers. The collection of a variety of seeds is known as 'seed banks,' which is readily available for sale in a large portion through online stores. The seeds' quality is the topmost priority as many people grow cannabis plants and utilize the THC-containing parts of the plant. however, there are many other substances in the cannabis plant, like CBD (Cannabidiol). Amsterdam Seed Center offers variety-wise cannabis seeds such as Feminized cannabis seeds, Regular seeds, and Autoflower seeds. 

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

It is generalized to genetically modify to grow female plants only. Feminized seeds contain only female chromosomes (XX). It ensures to grow 99.99% feminized plants. Feminized seed is a good alternative for someone who wishes to grow the plant process quicker and easier. It also helps in saving space, time, and money. The major benefits are- Feminised seeds have a high content of THC, CBD, and CBN if compared them with regular plants and seeds. It has a consistent quality that delivers a generous yield.

Regular Seeds

A regular seed is a term that could have either male or female plants, and while the growth process if removed from the male plant from the early process on the female plant, it becomes stronger and less prone to stress the entire growth process. No combination or even no chance of hybrid, and there would be pretty much no chance of a dual-sex present in the growth process. The regular seed is an excellent choice for first-time or novice botanists.

Autoflower Seeds 

Autoflower seeds are Sativa and Indica strains that are crossed with Ruderalis- originally grows in extreme weather conditions, areas such as Siberia and Russia. The strain is resistant to cold weather, pests, and fungi. Autoflowering cannabis seeds grow independently of light, and it starts to automatically flower after a few weeks. The flowering process starts automatically based on a time cycle, instead of a light cycle and harvests witing a short time. Amsterdam Seed Center also offers CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD capsules, and CBD skincare. 


Amsterdam Seed Center has all the Cannabidiol (CBD)-rich oil extracted from Europe's organically grown plants. In order to enrich the CBD with flavored experience, the CBD oils can be mixed with a variety of vape-oils. These CBD oils can be consumed for personal use, dietary, and medicinal purposes.

CBD Capsules

Amsterdam Seed Center has a collection of CBD capsules sold in a wide variety of strengths to cater to your requirements, starts from 300mg of CBD up to 1500+mgs. It sells various forms to take dietary and religious requirements, and the CBD capsules can be vegan friendly, kosher, and gluten-free. It is easy to swallow due to their slippery, smooth, and odorless form.

CBD Skin Care

CBD Oil used as a skincare product offers miracles benefits to the user. It is mostly used in the treatment of melanoma, eczema, and acne. It has antioxidant benefits that far exceed of vitamins E, C, and even omega 3 fatty acids taken alone. All those elements are present in hemp oil, which makes it an excellent source for antioxidants. This combination helps in the prevention of UV protection, skin-aging, and overall skincare and well-being. Amsterdam Seed Center offers various vaporizers, smart products, hemp bags, grow equipment, and accessories.

Discount and Offers

Amsterdam Seed Center has a wide range of products, and all its products have an affordable pricing structure. To make your purchase memorable, it also gives an additional discount when applied to Amsterdam Seed Center Discount Code while purchasing.  


At Amsterdam Seed Center, you can directly purchase from its wide variety of products from its online stores. It has the best in class selection of cannabis genetics and 24/7 competent staff support with quick and reliable customer service. It also offers CBD oil in a chewable gum form.


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