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CBD is one of the identical cannabinoids in cannabis plants, which has been used for various physical and mental issues. There are a lot of brands online and offline. Beyond Botanicals is one of the brands, which has CBD products for multiple health issues. It offers effective products to enhance the life of humans. 

Why Beyond Botanicals Stands Out From The Crowd?

Beyond Botanicals uses organic American Hemp, and always takes care of the extraction of carbon dioxide compounds in the process of manufacturing to make healthy and quality products. 


From the method of extraction to the shipping, there are several features, and this company is quite reliable in maintaining those features.    

100% Natural and Safe: When we talked about natural and safety, Beyond Botanicals products are 100% organic and safe. In other ways, they have solutions to get the purity and safety of the product.

THC Free: Beyond Botanicals products are THC free; it means there is no tetrahydrocannabinol compound, which makes you high. It is 100% safe for humans.

Beyond Botanicals Reviews

Lab Testing: A significant feature that Beyond Botanicals ensures. To assure purity and safety, reliable lab tests for all the products.

Full Spectrum CBD: Currently, most of the CBD users prefer full-spectrum CBD oils, and Beyond Botanical only makes such products. Hence, products not only include CBD but other very crucial cannabis compounds as well. 

Vegan: All the products of CBD are 100% vegan. 


Beyond Botanicals gives all products of CBD. Moreover, it has CBD edibles, Gel Capsules, Massage oil, Tincture, Topicals, Isolate Powder.

CBD Edibles: Available in only one quantity, and that is 10mg CBD Gummies priced at $40.00.

CBD Gel Capsules: Available in different quantities, the price of 30ct CBD Gel capsule at $45.00 and 60ct Gel capsule at $80.00.

CBD Massage Oil: Available in only quantity: the price of 300mg CBD Energy Massage oil 40z at $30.00.

CBD Tincture:  Comes in different quantities and flavors, the price of Mint flavor 300mg oil is $24.00, 600mg oil is $40.00, 1200mg oil is  $70.00, and 3000mg oil is $152.00.

Natural flavour is available in different quantities; the price of 300mg oil is $24.00, 600mg oil is $40.00, 1200mg oil is $70.00, 3000mg oil is $152.00.

The peach flavor is available in different quantities, and they are priced 300mg oil at $24.00, 600mg oil at $40.00, 1200mg oil at $70.00, 3000mg oil at $152.00.

CBD Topicals: Comes in cooling Gel and Body Butter, the price of 500mg Cooling Gel is $45.00, and 1200mg Body Butter is available at $80.00.

CBD Isolate Powder: Available in 99% pure CBD Isolate, the price of 1 gram Isolate Powder is $28.00. 

Beyond Botanicals is trustworthy in providing high-quality CBD products. The brand is a platform of broad-spectrum CBD products, If you want to save some bucks even after purchasing these affordable CBD products then, you can get to use our Beyond Botanicals Coupons to get 30% OFF instantly.


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