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During these days, not many brands are providing seeds online. Most of the users are searching for seeds that can be useful for them for growing and then using it for medical conditions like anxiety, pain, and many more. However, the searching is still going on as not many people are aware of brands that provide high-quality seeds. Thus, Biltong and Buds came into existence to provide various types of seeds. It is a brand that provides both seeds and companion plants in various flavors and quantities. All the seeds are 100% pure, clean, and very well-designed. Moreover, every seed is different and accessible for the users.   

Why Choose Biltong and Buds?

Biltong and Buds offer both the Indica and Sativa cannabis plant seeds. All seeds contain a good amount of Indica and Sativa hemp and come in different flavors. The seeds can be grown in both Indoor and Outdoor places or conditions. Every seed is very easy to grow and comes with a properly huge yield. 

Therefore, Biltong and Buds seeds are very different from other brands. Moreover, it also offers companion plants along with the seed, which no other brand can provide. All the products are safe and contain high levels of THC, which is not at all injurious to health.


Biltong and Buds come with a wide range of products such as Butchery, Companion Plants, Dispensary, Germination Kits, Grow Shops, and Seeds. All the products are convenient and accessible in a different flavor for the users. 

Biltong and Buds Reviews 

Companion Plants

The Companion Plants are available in several flavors such as Dill, Royal, Coriander, Marigold, Sunflower, and Sweet Basil Royal Guardians. It's Dill plant is a rapidly growing perennial that can tolerate the cold, heat, full sun, and drought condition.


Biltong and Buds Queen of Sheba seeds come with Indica genetics that consists of Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties. Its seeds consist of 85% Indica, 15% Sativa, can be grown Outdoors and Indoor, and contain high levels of THC. This seed is very effective in reducing stress, anxiety, and many more. It is available in two flavors such as melon and mango.

Grow Shops

Biltong and Buds additives are available in various flavors. The Acti-Vera flavor is very well-designed to support the immune system of the body, advanced nutrients absorption form all types of plants, and improve metabolism. Acti-Vera is very effective to make plants healthier and stronger.      

Discounts and Offers

All the products of Biltong and Buds are tremendous and very underpricing. In case you are purchasing a single or bulk of CBD products, you should apply Biltong and Buds Coupons to get products at a budget-friendly price. Moreover, its products can be delivered all over South Africa, and your product will be in your hands within five days.


Biltong and Buds products are released for every single user who is having health concerns like chronic pain, etc. All the products are made properly with good amounts of cannabinoids. Moreover, all the products are made by using hemp plants, which are properly grown and harvested. It is very helpful for users to raise their health by using Biltong and Buds CBD products.


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