CBD Awards 2020 - CBDOilsReview Announces The Top 20 CBD Brands of 2020

May 1st, 2020

$2.75 Billion CBD Industry Attracting Large Numbers

The global CBD Market was valued at over $6.4 Billion in 2018 and is now predicted to grow over $20 billion this year, which has led thousands of startups and existing CBD brands to expand and enter into new specialized markets for CBD products (Statistics via BDS analytics). Increasing the consumption of CBD products for multiple uses is found to be extremely beneficial by its users who want to adapt to more natural ways of medications. 

Medical CBD usage has been around for a couple of decades and, in recent years, getting more acceptable worldwide, encouraging many individuals to try different CBD products for different uses. However, many still find it difficult to pick the right product that is suitable for their needs. CBDOilsReview is a review and deals website that allows users to read reviews on different CBD products and get great deals when making a purchase from the leading CBD brands. CBDOilsReview has now decided to honor the CBD Brands by presenting awards based on multiple factors in different categories that also help the users to find out the best CBD brands and products for their specific needs. 

Announcing CBDOilsReview Awards 2020 for the Best CBD Brands in the World. CBD experts at CBDOilsReview which provide CBD Coupons for various brands have deeply analyzed the major CBD brands serving the different categories and niche of the users. Without further ado, here come the 2020 top CBD brands that are revolutionizing the industry. 

Top 20 CBD Brands

CBD experts at CBDOilsReview have analyzed the major consumption trends that consumers are adapting and have shortlisted the major brands that are specializing in the major categories. CBD usage has been found to be useful not only for humans but also very helpful in treating different animals. CBD brands have started to specialize in more than just oils. They have implemented innovative ways to utilize the healing powers of cannabidiol. CBD award panelists have shortlisted 16 major high demand categories that CBD is catering to and have awarded the top 5 brands that have the best products in each CBD Category. The CBDOilsReview’s CBD award winners in these specialized categories are: 

Category Awards

While more and more countries advance towards the legalization of CBD due to its health benefits and recreational use, the global market for CBD is on the verge of growing at a massive scale. This has attracted thousands of startups to enter this alternative medicine industry that seems to have a very promising future. CBDOilsReview award panelists have analyzed the major shortlisted brands based on multiple factors such as feedback from over 1000 CBD users, recommendations from CBD Reviews, experts, ratings from major platforms, and market share of each brand. 

Additionally, the product experts at CBDOilsReview also analyzed the third lab reports, considering all quality and safety aspects of the products to give CBD consumers a high-quality list of CBD producers that have the best products. CBDOilsReview aims to honor the brands that are doing well in the industry as well as help consumers to make the right decisions when selecting a specific CBD brand.

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