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CBD Pure is one of the trusted brands that bring to you the finest cannabidiol with potential calming properties. 

About CBD Pure – The Brand 

CBD Pure started its journey in 2016. Back then, the brand aimed at making high-quality CBD oil. Of late, the brand has many successful takers, and it is doing a great job.  

The brand sources hemp from Colorado, grown without any harmful pesticides or herbicides. Every batch of their product goes through third-party lab testing to prove its purity. Upon request, you can access lab test reports as well. 

Unlike other brands, CBD Pure spends a lot of time and effort on developing pure products. They are a legitimate West Coast-based company, located in Washington State, with a corporate head office in Haslemere, England. 


The major highlight of CBD Pure and its wide range of products is the simple fact that they operate from the USA, using SC Labs for product analysis. SC Labs is the top third-party cannabis tester in this country. 

Other Highlights of CBD Pure Include: 

100% Organic Product: All CBD Pure tinctures are sourced from organic industrial-grade hemp, from the farms in Colorado, and tested for traces of fertilizers, contaminants, and heavy metals. 

Affordable Price: When compared to other products, CBD Pure range of tinctures with therapeutic properties is super affordable. 

CBD Pure Reviews

Whole-plant Hemp CO2 Extraction: CBD Pure employs a strict CO2 extraction process on the raw and whole-plant hemp. This gives a full-spectrum CBD product, not an isolate, containing other essential hemp compounds such as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, terpenes, and flavonoids. 

Guaranteed Products: All CBD Pure products are guaranteed to be safe and effective. If it does not satisfy you, contact them and avail the 90-day money-back guarantee. 

CBD Pure Products

The simplicity of CBD Pure products is much appreciated. Since the brand is relatively smaller, it focuses on the efforts of a clean process of extraction. At present, the brand has only three CBD oils of different potency and a supplement. 

Noted below are the ranges of products:

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 100: The 100 mg bottle contains CBD Pure Hemp Extract Oil. The naturally hemp flavored oil contains 3.3 mg hemp extract per serving. It has good results for minor pain relief, mild headaches, mild to moderate nausea, and inflammation. 

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 300: The 300 mg oil contains 10 mg CBD per serving. It has an excellent effect on intense pain, anxiety and sleep issues. 

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600: The highest strength of CBD Oil is the 600 mg product. It offers 20 mg of hemp extract per serving. It works wonders for insomnia, chronic pain and inflammation, anxiety, and depression. 

CBD Pure SoftGel 750 Capsules: The product comes in a bottle of 30 capsules, each capsule containing 25 mg CBD. This product is recommended to people who do not like the taste of hemp oil or have trouble swallowing the oil. 


CBD Pure products are affordably priced. Here is a list:

  • CBD Pure Hemp Oil 100: $29.99/60mL bottle
  • CBD Pure Hemp Oil 300: $54.99/60mL bottle
  • CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600: $79.99/60mL bottle
  • CBD Pure SoftGel 750 Capsules: $99.99

Final Word

Overall, CBD Pure is a good product compared to the vast range of CBD and hemp products available in the market. In fact, other products cost almost double but fail to provide similar benefits. But, CBD Pure always strives to provide its CBD products at reasonable prices within the user’s budget. So, by using our CBD Pure Coupons, You can get 20% OFF instantly.


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