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Over the period, the hemp CBD products are popularly known for their all-natural treating capacity for an abundance of ailments in humans and pets. A majority of pet parents deeply look into the hemp CBD products as an alternative treatment for medical disorders such as pain, anxiety, seizures, etc. There are various CBD offers in the market to give your pet all the benefits and as a CBD treat for dogs and cats. The most renowned name in the CBD industry is Earth Buddy, which offers a complete range of pets CBD products. 

Why Choose Earth Buddy?

Earth Buddy is a happy, small friend and family-owned company well known for offering the Best Organic CBD Oil for pets and other holistic products to support your pet’s health. Earth Buddy has performed every step with passion, love, and innovation. It has come into existence when the founders saw the essential benefits of earth buddy hemp extract while raising their pets alongside they have also witnessed the same need for several other pets. 

The team took the vision of creating a supplement line with natural hemp plant compounds, functional, and whole-food ingredients, which can elevate pet wellness and health. Earth Buddy’s primary aim is to help your pets to stick to a whole food diet as much as possible. It uses science and innovation to conserve nature’s full spectrum and essential elements to maintain a highly refined and synthetic version of natural ingredients, hard for the body to absorb and process. 


What Earth Buddy Does?

All the hemp of Earth Buddy has been grown in Colorado-based small and organic farms. All Earth Buddy hemp extract products are produced with care in its kitchen without co-manufacturing. Earth Buddy team has its firm farm practices with less encroaching horticulture for growing a full and healthy crop grown without spraying any herbicides, pesticides, or insecticides on its crops. 

Earth Buddy Products

Earth Buddy’s products are grown on its farm in Colorado. Its all hemp products are manufactured with care in its kitchen without pesticides or fertilizers- it promotes the purest form of hemp for pets. The products (hemp supplements) of Earth Buddy are manufactured with the minimum process, completely organic, and locally sourced whole-food ingredients, which is always traceable. Earth Buddy’s products range starts from-

Gut Health

Earth Buddy’s Gut Health solution contains a solvent-free grass-fed colostrum potent blend of full-spectrum CBD, terpenes, and cannabinoids extracts of the whole hemp plant. Colostrum carries natural Immunoglobulins, which improves Gastrointestinal Health and supports natural Immune Defense. The hemp extract promotes a healthy inflammatory response in the gut of dogs. It also contains a high quantity of healthy fats to support healthy skin and coat.

Hemp Extracts

Earth Buddy’s hemp extracts for dogs and cats are super organic with numerous benefits. It is a micro collective of scientists and experts of pet health, which majorly focuses on growing the highest quality hemp by using rigorous organic standards, producing a more healthy and potent hemp crop.

Hemp Hearts

Earth Buddy’s hemp hearts for dogs are the best CBD dog treats, which have several benefits of organic hemp with the rich antioxidants of blueberries and turmeric with black pepper to promote the optimal inflammatory response. The hemp hearts organic apple cider vinegar supports the gut’s pH balance. Another content- organic coconut oil offers a healthy fat for coat, skin, and brain function.

Mushroom And Hemp Capsules

Earth Buddy’s mushroom and hemp capsules are the best options for dietary and environmental allergies. The mushrooms for these capsules are sourced from the US organic farms, which contain a full-spectrum of beneficial constituents. The company claims that the capsules are best for aging pets, who have digestive sensitivity or weaker immune support. The capsules majorly focus on boosting exercise or enhancing obedience training.

Paw & Skin Balm

Earth Buddy’s Paw & Skin Balm was developed to offer a topical option for cats and dogs dealing with paws and skin irritations. The balm is also great for a dry nose. It is specifically handcrafted in small batches. All its ingredients are vegan and organic and completely safe for cats and dogs to consume orally.  

Quick Calm

Earth Buddy’s quick calm is a supercritical Co2 extraction that preserves the benefits of full-spectrum plant compounds. The raw hemp plant extract is able to mix in distilled water for quick absorption and produces a quicker relaxing and calming effect than traditional oil-based extracts.          

Earth Buddy Pricing and Military Discount

Earth Buddy has a wide range of CBD products such as Earth Buddy CBD Oil, which offers a very relaxing and wellness effect in a very affordable pricing structure. Alongside this, it also provides Earth Buddy Coupons for a variety of products. Besides, it also offers a Military Discount of almost 15% for military servicemen and women.


Earth Buddy’s complete range of products meets all the industry standards of maintaining the THC at 0.3%. All its products are third-party tested by labs. All product results might vary and are also not guaranteed. All its products promise to help significantly in feeling better. If you are a pet parent, give a try to the range of Earth Buddy Tinctures; you must give a shot to Earth Buddy products. 


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