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If you are an avid Cannabis Grower, you would often need high-quality seeds for the best harvest. There could be no better feeling than to watch your seeds sprout on time, that eventually transform into beauties. While there are many cannabis seed providers out there, not every seed brand would meet your expectations. Growers Choice Seeds is a recent addition to the seed banks list. What’s interesting is, they are based out of the US and also ships from the US. The best part is the shipping takes only 3 to 5 days max and is much faster even for international orders.

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Is Grower’s Choice Seeds Legit?

Growers Choice offers only the best quality cannabis seeds that are lab-tested and fully feminized. So, is Grower’s Choice seeds legit? Yes, these best -selling seeds are most trusted with equally courteous and helpful customer service. Whatever may be your ail, Growers’ Choice claims to be with you at all times. Best of all, they also seem to provide assistance with growing your own cannabis seeds in the best possible way. While their customer service representatives have sufficient knowledge on how to grow the seeds, they also provide professional help in selecting, growing, and harvesting your seeds. Now, talking of “is grower’s choice seeds legit”, let’s take a look at the views of some of the users.

How to Germinate Growers Choice Seeds?

  • Growers choice seeds offer the best guarantee in the industry for germination and they promise germination of a minimum of 90% seeds. In situations where it does not, the company replaces them free of cost. Here’s how the Growers choice seeds breeders can germinate their cannabis seeds.
  • Empty a pack of cannabis seeds into a glass filled with distilled/rain/spring water. The seeds must be soaked for straight 14 to 18 hours. The first sign of success would be if the seeds descend to the bottom of the glass in the first few hours, otherwise, tap it gently to make them sink.
  • Once the soaking time is over, empty the glass of water and seeds on a paper towel sheet (placed on a plate), and drain off the added water.
  • Now, cover the seeds with the paper towel properly and let them rest in a warm and dark area.
  • Make sure that the paper towel is wet enough to facilitate the germination process and keep an eye on the seeds at regular intervals. You must check for the taproot that starts growing.
  • As you find that the taproot has grown 1/4th to 3/4th inches long, you know that the seeds are ready to be planted. While you may notice the taproot growth in as less as three to seven days, it can also take up to two weeks.

In-Depth Review of Growers Choice Seeds Products:

Growers Choice is known for three different types of seeds which we will review here in-depth:

Auto-Flowering Seeds:

It’s when the cannabis ruderalis breed is exposed to a more regular strain, Auto-Flowering Seeds are formed. Coming from the northern end of the world where less sunlight is available due to short summers, the cannabis strains have the ability to flower, not depending on light, but on age. This is a pivotal difference between the cannabis ruderalis strain and the other varieties. However, ruderalis strains are not much grown in its100% genetic form. This is because it yields in low quantity and low cannabinoid composition. But, the best part is, these strains require less space due to its compact size, and are easy to grow as they harvest and flower rapidly. There are three variants of Grower’s Choice strains and all of them are easy to grow, even by beginners with no previous experience.

AK Auto-Flowering:

This an auto-version of the well-known AK-47 due to its short height making it a great choice for those with compact growing areas. The plants are so compact that even a cupboard should be good for growing them. The strain comes with a sweet and spicy fragrance that offers deep relaxation making you fall asleep even if you are a known insomniac.

Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering:

This is a pretty new strain, however, has soon become popular due to its ease of cultivation, especially for the first-time growers. This strain is also known for its soothing effect on stress and pain and can be used at any time of the day.

Northern Lights Auto-Flowering:

This is a well-established strain that’s already popular in the community. This strain specifically suitable for the gardeners growing cannabis in their home and those growing for scientific tests. This is again known for its versatility, and the relaxation that goes deep down the bones, and also improves mood.

Which are the highest yielding Auto-Flowering Cannabis Strains?

Usually smaller than the non-auto-flowering strains, these varieties offer maximum yield, but with less bulk. Having said that, you can expect at least two harvests for each season from these strains.

AK Auto:

offers a minimum of 450gms of fresh flower per square meter when grown indoors.

Afghan Auto-flowering:

This is a pure-indica variety which is just the right choice for lowering stress and anxiety. It’s also known to induce deep relaxation before you go to bed in the night. You can expect an indoor yield of minimum 500gms per square meter.

Blueberry Auto:

This strain yields a minimum of 400gms to 500gms of flowers when grown indoors. This therapeutic strain is known for its healing effects on pain while improving sleep quality.

Which are the fastest Growing Auto-Flowering Cannabis Strains?

While the auto-flowering cannabis strains usually harvest faster, there are many factors that affect the growth time of a strain in real. That being said, below are the three fastest-growing auto-flowering cannabis strains of Grower’s choice.

Cheese Auto-Flowering:

This is the best auto-flowering seed variant to try if you are in a hurry. With 10% THC, the flowering time of this strain is said to be just 50 to 60 days.

Northern Lights:

The flowering time for this variant is just seven to eight weeks with a splendid yield in such a short period.

Blueberry Auto:

This is perfect for people looking for pain relief and complete relaxation. It’s better to grow this indoors with the help of Screen of Green LST method.

Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds with the Highest THC:

If you are choosing your cannabis strains based on the expected cannabinoid levels, then you can look for these auto-flowering seeds.

Critical Purple:

This rare breed of cannabis seed is known for its positive effect on pain relief due to its Critical Mass. With as high as 27% THC, it helps you to clear your mind with its sweet and fruity flavor.

Tangerine Dream:

With a 24% THC to offer, this variant is known for its therapeutic effects on pain, but without making you sleepy.

Sour Kush:

This newbie in the bunch is pretty impressive with 22% THC. This strain also has therapeutic effects on pain, stress, and anxiety.

Feminized Seeds:

Coming to the Feminized seeds variants, we will discuss the top variants in this category.

 Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds:

This is easy to harvest therapeutic breed and is perfect for the first-timers in gardening. The seeds here take upto 2 to 3 weeks in the vegetative state to start flowering as soon as they germinate. It then takes another two months before it’s ready to harvest. This strain yields to 500 grams per square meter of fresh bud when grown indoors. These seeds also contain THC, so it’s better to use them in small quantity to feeling euphoric.

Chemdog Feminized Cannabis Seeds:

Chemdog is one of its purest varieties that guarantees the maximum yield. The super silver haze, Amnesia, Cinderella 99, and Jack Herer are among its best-feminized seeds. This strain takes around 9 to 11 weeks to come to the flowering state and can attain a height of nearly 7 feet in an outdoor grow. With 500gms to 600gms per square meter as indoor growth, it offers some impressive yield. This strain comes with 90% guarantee for germination. The seeds are shipped carefully in medical-standard glass vials. It’s a hybrid variety that emanates a diesel-like strong smell with a hint of citrus as well.

High CBD Medical Seeds:

CBD Critical Mango Medical Feminized Seeds:

These feminized seeds are also perfect for medicinal use that includes varieties like CBD Blueberry, CBD Moby Dick, Critical Mango (8% CBD and 6% THC), CBD critical mass, and CBD Shark. The Critical Mango strain (70% Indica) with such high THC, keeps the mental high at the lowest possible levels. These hand-sorted seeds are shipped carefully in medical-grade glass vials.

Highlights of Growers Choice Seeds:

  • Grower’s Choice offers only superior quality feminized seeds.
  • The auto-flowering seeds flower at fixed times and are not based on light changes.
  • Growers choice seeds shipping is top-class as they ship the strains carefully and fast.
  • Seeds are shipped in cushioned packages to avoid any damage during transit.
  • They offer international shipping and Growers Choice Seeds Coupons.
  • They also offer an outstanding germination guarantee on all their seeds, and if the seeds fail to germinate, those are replaced.
  • They also offer delivery for different types of high-quality Marijuana seeds in wholesale.
  • Their line of products includes strains with different levels of TGC/CBD based on buyer’s requirement.
  • Also, their special range of medical cannabis seeds offers therapeutic effects.
  • Best of all, they offer lab-tested Cannabis Seeds that guarantee genuine descent.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cannabis?

  • Whether it’s a simple headache, or it’s a critical illness like cancer, there are possibly some miraculous effects reported by patients using Cannabis strains. Here are some of its benefits.
  • The therapeutic benefits of Cannabis are far-reaching, for instance, it can heal or offer pain-relieving effect on patients suffering from epilepsy, chronic pain, cancer, nausea, migraines, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, and so on.
  • Offers natural relief who have not yet been diagnosed, but are suffering from some kind of stress or pain.
  • Medical marijuana has positive effects on stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.
  • According to health professionals, it can also potentially treat ADD or ADHD patients.

Having said that, a few things we find lacking in the Cannabis Seeds are:

  • Lack of psychoactivity in medical cannabis seeds can cause a mental high leading to euphoria kind of feeling.
  • Free shipping not available for all seed strains.
  • FDA approval is not yet achieved.


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