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In the CBD industry, the vaporizers have been complimenting CBD oil lately. There are numerous health benefits incorporated with CBD, mainly when CBD is used with the vape. CBD vaping helps aid your health issue, but even if you are all healthy, it enhances your mood and makes you feel even better. CBD vaping is non-psychoactive, so it will not make you high. It eases your body and mind. However, there are still many doubts regarding CBD vaping and CBD oil. While CBD vaping requires vape juice, oil tinctures, or e-liquid, whereas CBD oil is oil-based. There are various CBD vaporizers available in the market, but one of the most dependable brands, which you can trust, is High Five Vaporizers; it offers the best flavors and quality of CBD vaporizers. Let's learn more about the vape of High Five Vaporizers. 

All About High Five Vaporizers

High Five Vaporizers are popularly known as HIGH5, which develops and designs for creating E-nails, Portable E-rigs, E-rigs, Rosin Presses, Wax pens, Concentrate and Flower vaporizers. They are used in Rosin Accessories such as Micron Pouches/Screens/Bags, Pre-press molds, Rosin Plates, and many more. High Five Vaporizers' majorly focuses on offering cost-efficient products without sacrificing reliability or quality backed by its excellent user-friendly customer support team. The store explicitly designs, develops, and produces a majority of exclusive HIGH5 products. High Five Vaporizers is constantly trying to improve the functionality and quality of its existing products and innovate and engineer new products and enhance the current developments. Besides, maintaining its primary goal of affordability. 

High Vape Products

High Five Vaporizers' have a massive variety of vaping products, which offers immense and relaxing vaping satisfaction, let's learn about its product offering

High Five Vaporizers Reviews  

High Five Vape Duo

High five vape duo is a revolutionary true dual-purpose vaporizer effectively used for both flower and concentrates. The duo is made of Food and Medical Grade components/materials. The device supports an excellent desktop vaporizer performance- mobile anywhere you go. The high five vape duo is equipped with a potential industry-leading battery pack for durable usage compared to various Vape rigs on the market. The high five vape duo has various components such as a titanium bowl, hex key, quartz bowl, concentrate atomizer, magnetic carb cap, protective carrying case, borosilicate mouthpiece, USB C charging wire, and loading tool. Alongside this, a high five vape duo offers a 3-year warranty on base and a 3-month warranty on Atomizer.

Cloud Cover Glass

The highfivevape's Cloud Cover Glass Torus has a rig of 14mm. The device is equipped with a female banger hanger joint with a choice of clear transparent colors. It has a flared mouthpiece with a straight neck build with borosilicate glass with 11 Ounces of weight and a height of 9" Inches with a 90 degree joint. The website suggests that the hand-blown shown on the website might slightly vary from the real device. The highfivevape's Cloud Cover Glass should be used with an adapter or a drop-down.

High Five Vape Elevate

High Five Vape Elevate is an extract vaporizer or portable oil, exclusively developed and designed in the US. The device is powered by reliability and the highest possible quality to enhances individual dabbing experience with its Next-Generation sub-ohm extract/ oil/ essential oil/ concentrate vaporizer. High Five Vape offers heavy metal testing for Elevate and also with a year limited warranty. It ships in the US for free.  

High Five Basic Digital E-Nail

High Five Vape Enail comes with a set of Carb Cap and Quartz Nail. The vape enail is with a high-quality thermocouple, which detects real-time temperature fluctuation. A majority of companies hire poor quality thermocouples, which cannot detect temperature changes offering the impression that the device is stable. The vape enail is inbuilt with a digital display along with temperature control. It has all the history of previously set temperature memory. The temperature ranges from 0°F to 1200°F. The high 5 vape coils enail has an auto system tuning with fuse protection or grounded. All the components used in vape enail are CE & UL certified. High Five Vape Enail has a one year warranty. 

High Five Dry Herb Vaporizer 

The dry herb vaporizer is a portable device, which has a ceramic chamber as large as 0.55" (14mm). It has a digital screen with a real-time temperature, its customized temperature is 302F to 464F (150C-240C). The dry herb vaporizer has gone under heavy metal testing. The device comprises the user manual, tweezer, cleaning brush, micro USB charger, glass mouthpiece, and 2500mAh sub-Ohm battery. High Five dry herb vaporizer is built with various features such as aerospace aluminum body, modular design, flower-guard filter mouthpiece, isolated airway path for cooling vapor, and vapor path medical-grade components, LED screen w/adjustable temperature range 302F-464F, and ultra-compact design. In addition, the website offers a year warranty for dry herb vaporizer.  

High Five Rosin Press Machine

High five rosin press is the best quality rosin press, which comes in 2 types such as Manual rosin press and Hydraulic rosin press (vapes hydraulic rosin press 3-ton). It has various features such as stainless steel plates, stainless steel cartridge heaters with 0-500F temperature range with plates, and 0-999F temperature range with Coils. It is built for heavy usage and prevents the morphing of a press body with one controlled dual heated stainless steel plate and temperature controller. The vape rigs are also the same. 

Final Words

All and all, High Five is a one-stop solution for CBD vaping devices. It is known for its quality products, sincere effort, and skillful execution. The store strives to provide the highest quality CBD products by meeting all the federal and state regulations and employing the highest production standards. The high five vape offers an experienced CBD for igniting the products to meet all requirements and relaxation. All the High5 vaping products are affordable, but the high five vape discount code offers additional savings when inputting the high five vape discount code. If you love vaping, then you must give a try for High Five Vape.


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