How to identify quality Cannabis Seeds?

by Lisa Jones     

Top-notch quality marijuana seeds begin with good genetics. On the off chance that you have expectations about your healthy cannabis seeds, then you should use the factors below alongside your research to ensure maximum results.

How to Identify Quality Cannabis Seeds?

Color and Appearance:

Healthy cannabis seeds have unique aesthetic attributes, which makes them stand out from the unhealthy seeds. You should settle for tan, brown, or black seeds because they are most viable. Avoid the immature seeds with the pale green, yellow, or white color.

Shape and Size:

Size and shape are important factors that define the quality of marijuana seeds. Also, you need to make a simultaneous cross-check on a lot of seeds. Combination of bigger size and either teardrop shape or symmetrical round shape is the best seed. And if these two factors are not combined, the seed can be considered as immature.

Durability and Hardness:

High-quality seeds have a smooth, hard, and uncracked outer shell. The low-quality cannabis seeds have soft outer shells that crack o crinkle easily. When you lightly press on a high-quality seed, it does not crash. On the off chance that your seed easily crushes in your fingers, then your seed is probably weak or dead and may not grow properly.


If you want to grasp a better notion of more viable seed, then you have to know if it’s fully mature or not. Similar to other genetic material, seeds depreciate over time. Therefore recently harvested seeds are more viable than others that you may have stored for months or years. When storing your seeds, put them in a dark and cool space to prevent rotting or growth of molds.

Float t-Testing:

If you want to know if your seeds are of good quality, insert them in a glass of lukewarm water, and in case the seeds remain on top of the water then have low viability and may not grow. Marijuana seeds that sink to the glass’s bottom possess higher viability.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal?

The legality depends on the states under the condition of medical purpose in the US. Many states have legalized it, and more countries are in the flow. But federally it is illegal in the country.  Some European countries also consider it as legal. If you buy online, you should be a resident of the state which legalized medical cannabis. To top of that, it’s important to look at the legality of the brand. Growers Choice Seeds Coupons is a prominent brand which cell marijuana nationally and internationally by following all legalities.

Good Seeds:

Good seeds are brown, grey or black featuring darker lines and spots which do not have a pattern. Their coats are waxy, and you should see it reflecting light when you expose it. Good seeds are also large.

Bad Seed:

A bad seed has a white or green color, and it is small. They also have cracks and dents.

Feminizing Cannabis Seeds:

Production of feminized seeds is possible through causing the hermaphrodite condition in your female plant through methods such as -Plant spraying using the colloidal silver solution -Rodelization -Spraying with gibberellic acid.

Is it Safe to buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

In case you are looking for cheap cannabis seeds, wholesale seeds, or male cannabis seeds for sale, then you can safely purchase them online from reliable companies or seed banks. A trustworthy online company should offer you customer support since their objective is to assist clients and cultivate a good reputation.


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