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MyKush is operated in British Columbia, and it is Canada's premier and most extensive selection of quality marijuana service mail order. The brand aims to supply the most extensive collection, and the highest quality of cannabis products delivered directly at the door to the door. All its transactions and packages are private and secure. 

Why Choose MyKush?

 MyKush offers a wide variety of CBD products, which helps in boosting a consumer's life. It has a reliable and distinct delivery of medical marijuana and cannabis products. The most remarkable quality of is that it gives rewards for shopping with the brand under the Kush Club. It delivers its products across every corner of Canada. MyKush has a massive variety of products such as tinctures, capsules, edibles, oils, CBD for Pets and many more, let's study-


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MyKush grows its flowers on its own from generation to generation. It selects from the freshest, Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. The brand also offers pre-rolls for consumer convenience. It gives a dreamy, floating sensation, which provides deep relaxation. It treats nerve damage, insomnia, depression, arthritis, migraines, and muscle spasms. It relieves the worst chronic aches and pains. It is available in a variety of aromas such as earthy, pungent, and pine. It is available in flavors like woody, spicy, sweet, citrus, and pine.


Concentrates are the definite form of CBD and THC. MyKush also provides the purest and best high-grade cannabis and marijuana concentrate. Concentrates are available in various ways such as hash, budders, kief, capsules, oils, shatter, and vaping products. Capsules are made from the concentrates by using its cutting-edge capping machine. To date, it has sold more than 1 million capsules all over Canada. The capsules are tested in a Health Canada approved lab. All the CBD capsules are formulated with cocoa butter with a gelatin cap for easy ingestion. It effectively helps in pain relieving, muscle tension, relaxation, and inflammation relief. 


MyKush works with the best-approved suppliers to offer you with tasty cannabis-infused edibles. Edibles are perfect for individuals suffering from nausea, pain, or lack of appetite. It is powerful and body-focused. The edibles come in various forms, such as chocolates, baked goods, candies, beverages, and cooking products. It effectively treats cramps, anxiety, stress, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, muscle tension, and spasms. It affects euphoria, drowsiness, and relaxation. 


MyKush CBD Tincture is formulated from world-wide research focused on non-psychoactive cannabidiol or CBD to open all cannabis stereotypes- as CBD is one among the 85 active molecules in cannabis that interact well with the human body's specialized cannabinoid receptors. It has better treatment effects such as insomnia, arthritis, nerve pain, epilepsy, muscle spasms, inflammation, and pain. It offers a relaxing effect after consumption. 


MyKush also manufactures products for pets to treat seizures, anxiety, bowel disease, cancer, muscle, and joint pain or anxiety as an alternative medication to help treat those symptoms. Its non-toxic CBD has no psychoactive effect and offers significant health benefits. The pet CBD has no THC in it and can be safe for consuming infused tinctures and edibles. Its CBD is a natural alternative to help all the pets to live the best life possible. Basically, CBD helps pets the same way as humans.

Bath and Body Products

MyKush bath and body products include cannabis-infused balms, lotions, bath products, suppositories, and oils that are absorbed through the skin for soreness, localized relief of pain, and inflammation. These products come under the topicals category. It is non-intoxicating and is often chosen by patients who seek for the therapeutic cannabis benefits without the associated cerebral effects. It is created for muscle pain, nerve pain, arthritis treatment, dry skin, and eczema, made with the finest ingredients, which includes organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, and essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, and cinnamon. It gives an anti-inflammation, soothing, and relaxing effect. 

Discount and Offers 

MyKush offers various products with all-natural and high-quality ingredients. All its products are offered in the most affordable and best pricing plan. For the additional savings and to make your purchase noteworthy, the brand offers MyKush Coupon Code to apply at the checkout. 


MyKush CBD products are available across Canada at the best price possible. It has all-natural and pure ingredients with no THC for pets. Alongside this, MyKush has various CBD accessories, such as batteries and smoking supplies. Its affordable price makes a user must try for the product. 


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