National Cancer Institute Quietly Confirms Cannabis Can Cure Cancer

August 4th, 2019

“Does it, or doesn’t it?” is a question that has been asked for several years about Cannabis treating cancer. The difference of opinions between alternative medicines and big pharmaceutical companies, along with the several rules and regulations attached to cannabis, has always surrounded the healing properties of cannabis with ambiguity. This is because Cannabis is misunderstood as a psychoactive drug in itself. Research institutes have been reinstating time and again, that the chemical CBD in Cannabis, is not psychoactive, and contains medicinal qualities, strong enough to kill cancer cells too. While the bigwigs continue to argue this claim, the National Cancer Institute quietly confirmed recently, that cannabis can indeed cure cancer.

National Cancer Institute Quietly Confirms Cannabis Can Cure Cancer

Cannabis and Cancer:

Laboratory tests on animals, as part of CBD cancer research, showed that cannabis had the ability to inhibit, kill and block tumor cells, preventing them from spreading. Cannabinoids are antiproliferative, that prevent cancer cells from reproducing. They also prevent the formation of new blood vessels that promote the growth of cancer cells. Its antimetastatic?properties prevent cancer from spreading to other organs and also force these cells to destruct itself.

CBD was proven to protect against inflammation, that could potentially reduce the risk of colon cancer. It was noted to impact molecules responsible for lung cancer and breast cancer. Studies conducted in estrogen receptor, went on to show, CBD could kill breast cancer cells, without impacting the normal cells, thus making it beneficial, not just for breast cancer treatment, but prevention too.

Cannabis and Pain Relief for Cancer Patients:

Cancer patients don’t just have to deal with the pain from cancer, but its treatment too. CBD oil works effectively on such pain, helping patients heal better. Human bodies contain cannabinoid receptors in the brain and immune system, called CB1 and CB2 receptors. When induced in the body, CBD attaches itself to these receptors, creating anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects to manage pain.

Testimonials indicate, that patients dealing with pain from bone cancer, colon cancer, endometrial cancer, and several other forms of cancers that are known to cause extreme pain, found the notable difference, on using CBD oil. Several cancer patients, also use CBD oil, to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy, such as pain, sickness, and nausea. Patients who used cannabis alongside their treatment noted that it stimulated their appetite, helping them eat better.

Side Effects?

Since CBD connects itself to the CBD receptors in the body, it may affect other organs that contain CBD receptors. Some side effects of CBD include fast heartbeat, low blood pressure, relaxed muscles, red eyes, and digestion problems. However, unlike traditional medicines, CBD is not addictive and contains no lethal dose.

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