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New World Health Brands CBD is an ancillary of the US-based technology company, Sparta Commercial Services, Inc., an all-purpose firm that has been in operation since 2004. All the CBD products are manufactured in the US. All the products are tested by a state-of-the-art agriculture testing laboratory to make sure that all the products of New World Health Brands consistently offer cannabidiol products comprising only the specific proportions and ingredients that are listed on the product. These efforts are taken, so no CBD products should contain pesticides or other contaminants such as certain molds or heavy metals.  

Why Choose New World Health Brands CBD?

New World Health Brands CBD’s first and foremost ideology is based on the belief that customers have the complete right to get high quality, fairly priced, and accurately labelled CBD and all CBD derivatives. All of its CBD products are well researched and tested by other companies and 3rd parties. New World Health Brands CBD team has witnessed that not all CBD products are created equal. The brand has set a high standard of its products, and it strives to look at the world differently by celebrating the integrity and quality of its products and team.

New World Health Brands CBD Products

New World Health Brands CBD has a wide variety of pure CBD products such as Tinctures, Capsules & Tablets, Topicals, Zero THC, and animals and pets CBD.

New World Health Brands CBD Reviews


New World Health Brands CBD contains ingredients such as organic hemp oil, schizonepeta, ledebouriella root, cassia seed, and angelica. Its L-theanine Proprietary Bohan™ formulation is unique for ‘Calming Adaptogen Complex.’ L-Theanine is a green tea derived amino acid, and it is blended with other East Asian Herbs like astragalus roots, ginseng roots, Artemesia, goji berry, and licorice root (among others). The herbs used in the tinctures contain anti-inflammatory properties maintaining its uniqueness with lots of benefits.

Capsules and Tablets

New World Health Brands CBD has various capsules and tablets, including daytime and nighttime tablets, comprised of curcumin, a compound that raises in turmeric, which is used for thousands of years to maintain healthy joint function. Curcumin aids inflammation by blocking the effects of specific enzymes. The nighttime capsules include melatonin and phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil to offer the hemp plant with melatonin- It helps improve the sleep-wake cycle.


New World Health Brands CBD topicals are extracted from hemp oil specific salve, which is a key component that helps in nourishing and rebalance the skin. The antioxidants such as angelica Sinensis plant, miltiorrhiza, and ginseng to ledebouriella divaricata root have been scientifically formulated to get the right balance anti-inflammatory qualities. All the ingredients present in its topicals are not found in other CBD brand. 

Zero THC

Specifically for athletes, New World Health Brands CBD has created Zero THC Broad Spectrum hemp oil tinctures with high CBD concentrations for delivering a CBD high dosage per serving and an entourage effect by cannabis plants many components. All products under this category have no detectable levels of THC. It has pure hemp oil with no psychoactive effects.

Pets and Animals CBD

New World Health Brands CBD has organic MCT and hemp extracts. This product is recommended for cats and dogs as per their weight (1mg CBD per 10 lbs). However, this product is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

Discounts and Offers

New World Health Brands CBD offers attractive discounts to all the CDB consumers. For making the purchase more remarkable, the brand offers a high discount when applied New World Health Brands CBD Coupons at the checkout. Moreover, it takes 7-10 business days to deliver the product after purchase, along with a refund policy under certain conditions. 


New World Health Brands is a whole new standard of CBD by mixing old world medicine with modern world science to precisely deliver the purest and most accurate labelled CBD products. All the products contain less than 0.3% THC, and its products are legal in all 50 states. It offers fair and honest CBD products with healing benefits.


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