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As a pet owner, the biggest responsibility for us is to find the best meals and care for pets, especially when it comes to their health. Similarly, whenever our pet falls ill, we always hunt for the best medicines with all-natural ingredients without any side-effects. Seeking the same medical solutions, Alina and Steve Smith, the founders of Pet Releaf, developed CBD supplements as an alternative to all-natural and effective solutions to treat their pet Mattie that was suffering from arthritic pain. The duo has developed a genuinely healthy CBD pet product with honesty and integrity and they named it Pet Releaf. 

Why Choose Pet Releaf?

Since 2000, Pet Releaf has been the leading and most trusted brand globally. The entire manufacturing process is controlled from seed to sale and from plant to pet. The company had spent years in research to ensure every single part of CBD production is safe for pets. All the products are handmade, and 3rd party tested. 

Pet Releaf CBD Products

All the products of Pet Releaf are all-natural, truly effective, THC free, and 100% safe for dogs and cats. 

For Cats

Pet Releaf CBD for a cat comes in Hemp Oil. The hemp oil is made from easily digestible fiber and a great source of Vitamins B. This oil is rich in calcium, zinc, and magnesium. Many scientists considered it an ultimate “superfood” for cats. 

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For Dogs

Pet Releaf CBD dog products are best as the brand makes 100% natural products with full-spectrum organic CBD hemp oil using an only supercritical CO2 extraction.

Hemp Oil

The CBD Hemp Oil is USDA certified. It only contains organic CBD hemp oil and organic coconut oil (MCT). The hemp oil is extracted from the proprietary strain of hemp, PR-33 is highly beneficial that contains extremely low THC. 

CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

The capsules are 100% vegan and recommended to use only for medium to large breed dogs. A single capsule contains 15mg of Active CBD and 85mg of full-spectrum cannabinoids. The company has developed the capsules to ease pet owners to the option for their pets who do not prefer taking oil in liquid form.

CBD Infused Edibites

Pet Releaf edibites are handmade and baked in the in-house kitchen. The edibites contain no chemical preservatives, and it boosts the immune system. The CBD edibites do not contain corn, soy, dairy, and wheat. For regular breed, it contains 1.5mg Active CBD per Edibite, and large breed Edibites contain 3mg Active CBD per Edibite. Edibites comes in 2 form, soft chew, and crunchy edibites. 

Boom Bar

The boom bar is specifically made for older animals for the best life possible. It contains organic hemp protein flour, noni powder, chamomile, cranberries, sesame seeds, extra virgin coconut oil, honey, Vitamin E to strengthen joints, muscles, bones, and teeth of an elder dog. 


Pet Releaf CBD products are used according to the dosage mentioned on the product details as per the weight of your pet and dosage mg as prescribed by the veteran. 


Pet Releaf CBD pet products are 100% safe, and truly effective. If not satisfied with the product, you get the full price refund option within 30 days. Besides, the affordability of products, the store also offers attractive discounts when used Pet Releaf Coupons.

Is Pet Releaf Legit?

Pet Releaf is the only CBD pet product brand that is using USDA certified organic hemp in its entire range of products. The brand claims to readily prove the paperwork.

Final Words

Pet Releaf is one of the USA’s leading brands, which is sourcing premium and high-quality pet CBD products and guarantees utmost reliability. It ensures the exalted wellness of your pets by providing 100 percent human-grade ingredients. So, opt for the absolute best brand and ward off all worries.


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