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In the CBD market, not every brand is providing both animals and humans CBD products. Even, several brands are there in the CBD sector that are not giving you high-quality products, which you wanted in your CBD products. Hence, Planet Pot can be one of your reasons to choose to purchase all the much-needed CBD products. 

It offers high-quality, lab-tested, low, and high THC products to all the humans and pets around. Moreover, its products are lab-rested and ensure everything like purity, safety, and cleanliness.  

Why Choose Planet Pot?

Planet Pot is a platform that only provides products, which are supplied by a group of well-trusted members with good experience along with the licensed producers. Its major goal is to offer high-quality products to all the customers around. It provides top-class customer services along with same-day delivery service in Vancouver Canada at a very cheap price.

This is one the reason that makes this brand special with the top-quality products and services. Moreover, its products are lab-tested.


Planet Pot comes with a huge range of CBD products such as Cannabis, Concentrates, Baked Goods, Gummies, Capsules, CBD for Pets, and many more. 

Planet Pot Reviews

CBD Tinctures

Its Tincture is made by using less amount of THC. Its Tincture is advantageous for inflammatory, oxidant, convulsing, and psychotic. Its Tinctures come with an infusion of grapeseed oil and high-quality CBD extract. Moreover, its tincture is useful for a healthy diet. The Tinctures are available in three sizes like 700, 1000, and 1500mg.

CBD Baked Goods

The Baked Goods are available in several flavors such as Brownie, Nanaimo Bar, Chocolate Mint, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Sweet Jane Mini Turtle, and many more. Its Brownie contains a good amount of cannabinoids. It comes with 3.44mg CBN, 140mg THC, and 3.46mg CBD. All the Baked Goods are 100% lab-tested.

CBD Gummies

The Gummies are available in various flavors like Indica Teddies, Sativa Bunnies, Westcoast Teddies, and Sour Swirls Triple Strength. Its Sativa Bunnies Gummies are 1.35mg CBD, 1.32mg CBN, and 140mg THC. All the Gummies are carefully lab-tested. Every Gummy packet contains 4 gummies. Moreover, Planet Pot Gummies are very safe to use.

CBD Capsules

Its Capsules come with a good amount of THC. It is available in different flavors such as king cobra, etc. It's Capsules are available in different THC levels like 10mg, 20mg, 50mg, 100mg, and 250mg. The Capsules are very affordable for every user. Moreover, its products are top-quality and very safe to use.  

Discounts and Offers

Planet Pot comes with a lot of offers and high discounts. In case you want more discounts, the only thing you have to do is apply Planet Pot Coupons to grab all the products at a low price. Moreover, your order will be at home in less than 2-3 business days.


Planet Pot offers lab-tested, top-quality, high, and low THC level products. Its products come with a good amount of cannabinoids, CBD, and CBN. Its products are available in different flavors and sizes. Moreover, it's products are made for both pets and humans. Its products are beneficial for all the men, women, and animals around.


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