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Vape Club International, earlier known as Vape Club Malaysia, has begun its operation as Asia’s very first e-liquid subscription service. Presently, it offers wholesales and retail services. The firm claims that at Vape Club is the best place where an individual can get fantastic Malaysian e-liquids and vape juices. The brand has also started offering e-commerce services related to the growth and development of the firm. A media company named HUSTLR that manages personal finance, personal growth, internet money, etc. is the subsidiary of Vape Club. 

Why Choose Vape Club?

Vape Club is the leading and the most affordable store for those who want to get the best vaping experience. The brand offers a wide variety of vape products that are potent to maintain your health in the best state. Vape Club makes sure that you get the best quality vaping products to keep your body active and competent enough to treat your health in the best condition. 


Vape Club has a wide range of products such as NIC salts (nicotine salt), Ballistic started kits, E-juice in 0MG, and 3MG.

E-Juice in 0MG and 3MG

Vape Club E-juice comes in 0MG and 3MG. The brand offers a variety of flavors of E-juice such as Apple, Mango, Orange, Grape, Lime, Berries, Mixed Fruits, Banana, Pineapple, Honeydew, Dessert, Blackcurrant, Strawberry, etc. Vape Club also offers a wide variety of brands of E-juice such as Thirsty Juice, Fcukin Flava, Mango Most, Steam Buddie, Cloud Niners, Nasty Juice, MyCloud Maker, Throne Liquids, etc. 

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NIC Salts (nicotine salt)

Vape Club NIC Salts are very popular and have a wide variety of brands for offering the best and high quality of NIC Salts. It provides an energy boost with the fresh flavor with added nicotine salts to give a strong yet satisfying hit. All its flavors are sweet and fresh that makes you addicted to keep on coming back for more. 

Ballistic Starter Kit

Vape Club has a range of Ballistic starter Kits available in various colors to make the kit more favorite. The Ballistic starter kit comes in blue, black, red, and white. Vape Club Ballistic has a flavor pod with a variety of best products such as M8trix, Fcukin Flava, Kardinal, DOOZE, and Throne Liquids. It has more than 30 flavors. 

Discount and Offer

Vape Club has a wide range of products with numerous flavors and high-class brands. All its products are affordable, and the brand also offers additional discounts when applied Vape Club Coupons to make your purchase memorable and pocket-friendly.


Vape Club is known to offer highly effective products for every individual and the brand also claims to treat different health conditions. The company says that if an individual is not satisfied with the quality of the product, then anyone can request for refund. This policy makes anyone to freely purchase Vape Club’s products without any fear of money loss. 


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