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Cannabinoid, commonly known as CBD, has been growing as a powerful solution for various mental as well as physical afflictions in recent years. For the same reason, innumerable CBD providers have emerged. However, when you choose CBD products online, you deserve to get something unique from the brand. Vitality CBD is a brand that stands out from the crowd with a handful of features. 

What is Vitality CBD?

Being a brand-new CBD provider, it has facilitated what most of the existing brands have. The products are non-genetically modified 100% natural CBD products. The third-party verified products are THC-free as well. Apart from these features, it has developed BioPrime™ Nanoparticle CBD Delivery Technology to enhance the effect.

Vitality CBD’s BioPrime Nanoparticle 

The company developed this technology based on bioavailability, which is a crucial part of determining the effect of CBD on your body. Bioavailability is the dose of unchanged drug that reaches your systemic circulation. Generally, the size of a regular CBD crystal is 4.4 micrometres (4,40 nanometers). In such cases, the CBD will be wasted in many ways because of the big size and ends up in less bioavailability. At the same time, after the transformation, BioPrime™ CBD will be around 6-100 nanometers. This is an incredible platform where you can find the phenomenal Vitality CBD coupons too.

Vitality CBD

Advantages of Using Vitality CBD

As aforementioned, the unparalleled frequency of bioavailability is the significant feature of Vitality CBD. As a result of this, you will get better results, and you can use it more efficiently. Besides, you don’t need to use more amount. The dosage of Vitality CBD you have to use is less than other brands’ CBD. Thus, you can use it in the long run and save money.

Vitality CBD Products

With advanced innovation, CBD products are available in various forms. Vitality offers CBD products in 4 types for humans and 2 for pets. 

Blends By Vitality

This blend is a combination of pure CBD isolate and very productive BioEnhancers developed by the company. The blends aim at relieving issues related to stress, anxiety, attention deficit, pain, and inflammation. This item is available in 1500mg and 3000 mg and the price falls between $150.00 – $300.00. 

CBD Tincture

Vitality CBD Tinctures are available in two forms: full-spectrum CBD tinctures and pure CBD isolate tinctures. The spectrums are available in both original and mint flavor. Also, you can choose the carrier oil between hemp and MCT. A full spectrum costs between $40.00 – $300.00 while 

CBD E-Juice

For those who love to take CBD through vaping, Vitality offers eJuices come in three different flavors. Cobalt, Sitka, and Vortex. It is 100% natural and does not contain propylene glycol or diacetyl. For 60ml eJuice, the price is $80.00.


This highly effective CBD cream aims at relieving the symptoms related to eczema, psoriasis, neuropathy, arthritis, pain and inflammation, and many more. On spending $40.00, you get 1oz 300 mg cream.

CBD For Pets

Vitality’s Pacific Spirit CBD for wellness comes in two types: tincture and topical cream. You can give them to your pets confidently as they are 100% natural and non-toxic. Besides, they can be used for various pet afflictions. Vitality CBD is one step ahead of other brands as it is bringing its own innovations to deliver an advanced effect of CBD. Even though there is a vast product line, the handful of products are quite beneficial and affordable.


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